Let Them Peek at Your Lucite Coffee Table

There’s no punishment for peeking at your Lucite coffee table, especially if your coffee table is appealing. This type of coffee table perhaps can be an eternal trend. And people usually call this coffee table as acrylic coffee table. No matter what theme your room is, this coffee table will brighten it up. Nowadays this coffee table is consisted from various shapes, such as round, thin, and even combined with […]

Vintage coffee table Bring the Past into Your Living Room

Vintage coffee table will not be forgotten. Even though sometimes it cannot be combined easily with other furniture because it looks “heavy”, but you’ll get different look once you get its charisma. However, on the other hand, this type of coffee table is also flexible because you can do many experiments on decorating the coffee table. You can change the legs with other wooden coffee table legs that you can […]

Fill in Your Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee table with storage still has its fans. It’s because it gives you many advantages, especially if you have limited space. You need space near your coffee table as the place for keeping your belongings, such as remote TV, books, magazines, CDs, and many more. That’s where coffee table with storage is coming. There are many designs for this coffee table. The general design for this is coffee table with […]

Tips to Buy Ikea Coffee Table via Online

You can find so many designs of ikea coffee table via online. Coffee table usually will be placed in your living room. Most people will need it because they want to enjoy their favorite coffee and do some other activities in the living room. There are some furniture stores that you can find in this world and Ikea is one of best place to find all designs of coffee table […]

marble top coffee table with drawers

Tips to Choose Marble Top Coffee Table

There are some people who want to buy marble top coffee table for their living room. Most people want to make their living room looks good and feel comfortable too for all people. That is why people will add coffee table in their living room. You can find some designs of coffee table and one of most popular coffee tables that you can choose is coffee table with marble top. […]

viva modern glass coffee table

Modern Glass Coffee Tables Ideas for Your Home

Modern glass coffee tables are offered to you from some furniture stores. We are easy to find so many designs of coffee table. Each of coffee tables will be made by using different material and you can choose design that is suitable with your need. For all of you who have modern living room design, it is good for you to choose glass coffee table with modern design. As we […]